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Administrative Enforcement Matters

Regulatory Compliance:

Administrative Enforcement Matters

HANPC attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients responding to governmental management, program and compliance-related audits, and enforcement matters.  The firm has represented persons accused of violating rules governing HUD's mortgage insurance programs, Section 8 housing programs, and public housing programs.  HANPC attorneys have represented entities, individuals, and public bodies who faced the following types of HUD sanctions and investigations:

  • HUD Inspector General Audits and Investigations
  • Denial of Form 2530 Previous Participation Clearance
  • Limited Denials of Participation (LDPs)
  • Suspensions and Debarment Actions
  • Adverse project physical inspections and management reviews
  • Abatement of Section 8 contracts
  • Lead-based paint compliance
  • REAC matters
  • Departmental Enforcement Center initiatives
  • Uniform Relocation Act issues
  • Mortgagee Review Board sanctions
  • Fair Housing disputes

The firm also has the capacity to represent clients who face similar actions by other agencies.

For more information about administrative enforcement matters, contact Timothy J. Aluise, Dori C. Garmeiser, Michelle R. Poncetta, Marie Callan, Samantha E. Wilson, Bailey E. Gallagher or Caitlin D. Steele.

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Administrative Enforcement Matters
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